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How dare these Lycan scum pose as Lords! They hide in plain sight! The "Lords of the Crescent Will"; they are Lycan; they are dead!

—Selene, on Vregis and his brothers.

Vregis was a character who appears in the animated film Underworld: Endless War. He was the middle of three Lycan brothers who have styled themselves as "The Lords of the Crescent Wills"; who were posing as a trio of human lords, and who had claimed a mansion located outside the city of Paris. Vregis was shown to be an avid bookworm or bibliophile.

Underworld: Endless War

Vregis was one of three powerful Lycan brothers, including Darius and Krandrill, who had caught the attention of the Vampires.

In 1890, having become aware of a Death Dealer's presence in Paris, Vregis' older brother, Darius, informed both he and Krandrill that they must leave the mansion behind. Vregis and Krandrill ignored this warning, and chose to remain at the mansion.

Together, the three Lycan brothers tried to ambush Selene, the Death Dealer in question, down in the sewers, hoping to outmatch her. Bypassing the two younger brothers, Selene drove two swords down through each of Darius's shoulders, before drawing two guns and opening fire, peppering them all with silver bullets.

Vregis and Krandrill both escaped after Darius put himself between them and Selene's gunfire to save his brothers, using himself as a shield, giving both his brothers the chance to flee.

Having been forced out of the mansion, Vregis and Krandrill fled that night, leaving the mansion behind. While Krandrill was angry and grief-stricken that they left Darius behind to die, Vregis reminded him that they did what Darius told them to do, and now they must seek revenge against Selene and the Vampires who had lain claim to their castle and killed their eldest brother.

Vregis being stabbed through the muzzle.

Vregis' Lycan Form.jpg

Seventy years later, the two remaining brothers, having spotted Selene back in Paris, planned an attack on a group of Vampires performing a ceremony, including the powerful Lord Clovis, in the hopes of drawing out Selene and slaying her. They crashed the ceremony, and killed Lord Clovis. However, Selene intervened and killed Vregis with a sword through his skull, leaving only Krandrill still alive, albeit minus one arm. Krandrill again swears revenge, and fled the mansion.


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