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Multiple weapons are seen in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Because this film predates firearms, the weapons seen include mainly melee weapons and variants of crossbows.


Lucian firing a crossbow

  • One of the primary weapons of the Death Dealers is the crossbow. The crossbows seen in the film are capable of loading three bolts at once and firing them individually. Lucian also uses crossbows on occasion, because they are available in his smithy and he was initially trusted by the Vampires to some extent. The crossbow bolts are coated with silver in order to be more effective against Lycans and Werewolves.

A Death Dealer firing a ballista

  • Mounted along the exterior wall of Castle Corvinus are ballistas: large crossbows that fire spears, operated by one or two Death Dealers. These are used to ward off the attacks of feral Werewolves and in an attempt to prevent the escape of the Lycans following Lucian.


Sonja wielding a sword

  • Multiple Vampires carry swords, including the Death Dealers and some of the members of the Vampire Council, including Sonja. The escaped Lycans also carry swords when they can obtain them.


  • Many of the Vampires carry knives. Sonja threatened Andreas Tanis with a knife when she wanted to learn what he knew about her and Lucian. Viktor later asked one of his Death Dealers to fetch his knives when he confronted Lucian after Sonja’s execution. The Lycans also carried knives which they took from Vampires or gathered outside the castle.


  • Sonja’s sword has shurikens embedded in its guard, which can be released when needed.


The tip of Kosta’s whip

  • Some of the Vampires carry whips, which they use to discipline their enslaved Lycans. The novelization describes Kosta’s whip as a silver-barbed cat o’ nine tails.


  • The escaped Lycans wielded improvised weapons, including axes—anything that they could take from Vampires or gather from estates outside the castle.

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