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Yoshio is a Vampire Death Dealer who appears only in the non-canon novel, Blood Enemy.

Blood Enemy

Yoshio is a member of the Death Dealers, who is assigned to aid Selene as they infiltrate the lair of a dangerous Lycan named Leyba.

Selene, Mason and Yoshio are to attempt to infiltrate the former monastery, before Kahn's team unleashes an open assault attempt on the estate's front side, keeping Leyba busy, giving Selene and Yoshio the chance to move in without being seen. However, Yoshio unwittingly trips a booby trap inside the estate's dining room, triggering a series of internal UV floodlights. Selene and Mason are both able to take cover under the dining room's heavy set mahogany table, but Yoshio tries to escape the UV light through a door, triggering another booby trap, this one a bomb, and is killed in the resulting explosion.

Yoshio's death, on top of Diego's sets Selene off to shoot out the UV lights and continue the hunt for Leyba alone, eventually killing the Lycan and avenging both Diego's and Yoshio's deaths.


  • Yoshio's name indicates that he is from a Japanese background, making his nationality Asian European.
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