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Ziodex Industries is a pharmaceutical company owned by the Vampires of the Old World Coven. The company is said to manufacture synthetic plasma and has been leading research in the cloning of blood, which, by the time of Underworld, the Vampires drink instead of cattle or human blood. Besides just using the blood for personal purposes, it would seem that the Vampires also sell the synthetic plasma, as Selene comments that once the cloned blood is approved by the authorities, it is expected to be their newest cash crop. Local hospitals also carry products made by Ziodex Industries, including the Saint Istvan Hospital where Michael Corvin interned.

It is unknown who controlled the company after Ördögház was burned down; one of the other Vampire Covens, such as the Eastern Coven, may have owned a stake in the company and took control of it, but the films give no information on the subject.


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