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Zsuzsa is a Vampire socialite who briefly appears in Underworld. Like Timea, Zsuzsa has no speaking lines, however, she is given an official name in the cast list. It is possible that both Zsuzsa and Timea were originally meant to have larger roles, given that they are officially named. Zsuzsa does not appear in the official novelization.


Zsuzsa is a Vampire socialite who resides in Ördögház, a Coven of Vampires located in Budapest, Hungary. Zsuzsa spends her days lounging around the mansion, dressed in fine clothing and drinking blood in crystal glasses.

She is only seen once in the film, when she turns to stare at Selene, having heard a rumor that Selene had awakened the Vampire Elder Viktor ahead of schedule.

Her fate is never explicitly shown, however, it is almost certain that she died with the other Vampires at Ördögház the next night when Marcus Corvinus razes the mansion, killing all of its inhabitants and burning the mansion to the ground.


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